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Dear Readers and Friends of „We Hear You”, for the entire time of its existence the site was made entirely by the voluntary work of the people who are its team. „We Hear You” is a non-commercial site and has been fully maintenanted for last 10 years with personal resources. The site develops and grows up, and with this also and the responsibilities for its technical support and the activities that it make.

Your financial assistance is necessary for us to keep working on „We Hear You” and providing you with the kind of contents you are used to seeing in here. Apart from supporting this media, your money will help us organize additional voluntary activities to aid people with hearing impairments.

In according this goal and Section V of the General Terms and Conditions of Use on the website, we’d like to inform you that „We Hear You” now has a Donation button.

You could fund us by donating as much money as you wish to. It only takes a click on the Donate. You may as well use the Donation button at the top of the website.

Our sincere gratitude goes to each and every one of you who’s decided to support us in our endeavours in favour of the causes we’ve mentioned on the Site!

We Hear You Team


Днес сайтът се нуждае от вашата подкрепа, за да продължим да го поддържаме като информационната медия, която познавате и да развиваме доброволчески дейности в подкрепа на хората със слухови дефицити.

За тази цел „Ние ви чуваме” вече разполага с бутон за дарение, за който ви информираме съобразно Раздел V от Общите условия на сайта. Вашата спонсорска подкрепа може да отправите по банков път на банковата сметка,  която ще откриете при кликване върху бутона "Дарете" в хедъра.

Изказваме топли благодарности на всички, които пожелаят да ни подкрепят в каузите ни!

Екипът на „Ние ви чуваме”

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