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Viber Stickers supporting alternative communication between hearing and deaf people

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Over the past year, Alliance National Centre of Alternative Communication “We Hear You” made yet another of its ideas happen. Viber stickers as well as a Viber Channel of the Alliance have been created. The 21 funny stickers inspired by the logo of our specialized website are currently free to download and share.

The images communicate different messages and have been created by graphic designer and artist Zdravko Denev. He’s contributed to the specialized media’s development ever since the start of the website “We Hear You”. Consequently, he became one of the founders of the aforementioned Alliance. Zdravko has a peculiar style of drawing you can notice in the logo and the icons of the sections of the website.

The creation of the stickers has been inspired by the blue reporter question mark you can recognize in our logo. The images also visualize sections from the website as well as activities of the Alliance as follows: dance and cultural initiatives, education, parenting, tourism, journalism, photography etc.

The stickers took a bit more than a year to create and the idea behind them is to visualize the communication of the cultural groups of the Bulgarian Deaf Society who use subtitles, sign language and technical aids.

The sticker pack illustrates the holistic conception that incorporates the causes of the Site and the Alliance. It provides an opportunity for you to participate in everyday conversations and exchange funny expressions.

The stickers also put an emphasis on the specifications of alternative communication, that is accessible to the wider public. This sort of communication is namely the object of the NCAC activities. 

We believe our stickers will earn your sympathy for their exquisite emotionality and mimicry. You might also like the visualized well-known gestures and everyday activities. The stickers will be a wonderful way for people of two cultures – hearing and deaf, to get to know each other.

Over the past three months, every Viber user in Bulgaria will be able to download and install the stickers on their device as well as use them over an indefinite period of time.

On March 27, 2023, the partnership agreement between Rakuten Viber and Alliance NCAC "We hear you" entered into force. Using the specialized Viber channel of the Alliance “We Hear You”, people will have access to valuable information regarding the Bulgarian Deaf Society. The Channel is public only for Bulgaria.

They will also be able to learn more about the specifics of communication with people with auditory impairments. News and press releases related to the upcoming events of “We Hear You” will be shared in the channel. Users will also have the chance participate in interesting polls and entertaining quizzes.

We express our sincere gratitude towards the Rakuten Viber Team for the support they give to our sticker idea and the causes of the National Centre of Alternative Communication “We Hear You”.

Article by Christina Tchoparova

Images by Zdravko Denev

EN text by Maria Mihailova

  Alliance NCAC “We Hear You” is the holder of copyrights related to the publication of this article and the images it features.  


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