Monday, 28 May 2018 15:00

Sensitivity is speaking out

The moment you touch something … it starts speaking to you in shapes, textures, temperature. It’s telling you about a world well beyond the one words can describe. Your fingers can respond to the touch with gentle movements, caressing or powerful pressure. They can draw things while making explanations. They could be the pencil writing stories as well as the rubber erasing them to tell more tales. The stories you write touching human skin are indeed the Story of Life of deafblind people. Their sensitivity is the page you’ve been writing your stories on which can handle any story told. It could well be the pencil writing out the description of the World beyond the line of Vision. Sensitivity is speaking out at the workshop on the Alternative Ways of Communication with Deafblind People held by the NADbBg from 12th May to 13th May 2018.

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Thursday, 10 May 2018 13:00

On Communication with Love

Dear Readers of We Hear You, you might remember last year’s event in Plovdiv devoted to the demonstration of ways of communication with deafblind people. The Norwegian methods sparked the interest of a great deal of people, so they asked to be taught how to use them in practical situations. The National Association of the Deafblind in Bulgaria (NADbBg) won a grant in 2012, which allowed it to host an education event for interpreters of deafblind people. Unfortunately, just five professionals were given the opportunity to learn the alternative ways of communication mentioned above. The number of knowledgeable professionals prepared to work with deafblind people is far from being enough to meet the needs of the deafblind people in Bulgaria. What’s more, they’ve never worked with children before. But this is what’s going to happen now.

We believe proper communication is the key to a better treatment. Another educational event entitled Alternative methods of communication with deafblind people is currently being held from 8th of May until 17th of May 2018. It involves communicating with children. The National Association of the Deafblind in Bulgaria is hosting the event in cooperation with the Municipality of Burgas. Gallery ‘Georgi Baev’and Expo-Center Flora-Burgas are the places to be in case you want to attend the discussions and workshops. The event is being hosted by Anna Roydeva, psychologist in the NADbBg, and Deyan Slavov, special education teacher in the NADbBg.

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Скъпи читатели, вярвам искрено, че онова, което ни свързва, е сензитивността не само като отговор на всяко докосване на околния свят до нас, но и като нашето собствено умение да обменяме помежду си този опит. Хората в Тишина и хората в Тъмнина пребивават в различни светове, където има не много, а всичко. Има и какво да донесат оттам, за научат онези, които приемат слуха и зрението за даденост, че съществуват много други начини да виждаш и да чуваш. Начини, които носят нови и интересни послания, и които изграждат онези мостове на близост, толкова нужни между хората с липсващи сетива и останалите хора. Да бъдеш без слух или зрение е вид посланичество, което има тук и сега своята мисия, и особено днес, когато се изменят много от представите за общуване, за свързаност. И в тази мисия Националната асоциация на сляпо-глухите в България е мъдър посланик вече две десетилетия, и прави необходимото, за да бъде видима тишината и чута тъмнината. По повод 20-тия си юбилей, НАСГБ проведе в Пловдив от 3 до 5 октомври 2017 г. международна среща под надслов „Виж тишината, чуй тъмнината”, за която вече ви информирахме.

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