The photo exhibition was held from 18 September till 2 October 2023, within the Annual Global Initiative International week of the Deaf people. The exhibition corresponds fully with the causes of NCAC (National Center of Alternative Communication) "We hear you" supporting people with partial or complete hearing loss through Information, Culture and Art. The event was part of Sofia Municipality CULTURAL CALENDAR 2023 at "Outdoor galleries". It all became possible with the Cultural Department support and "Culture, Education, Sport and Youth activities" Division. From November 28, 2023 till December 13 (including) the exhibition "In Search of Sound" will be shown in the Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv

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Last year, the specialized website “We Hear You” started out the first of a series of initiatives called “In search of sound”. The event to mark the start of it was the First Open lesson on Bulgarian folklore dances for people with hearing loss. This year, we’re seeing the follow-up of the initiative – a photo session of models with hearing deficits among classical and folklore musical instruments.

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