The specialized website We Hear You marked its 10th anniversary with a joint exhibition of deaf artists held at the spacious hall of Contrast Gallery. It was an unforgettable event with so many guests, beautiful words, exquisite artworks, sincere love and plenty of light. Every pretty fairytale needs a proper telling from its very start. This is why today I’m taking you on a detailed journey throughout the event with this piece of writing. This is for all the people who were unable to attend the anniversary personally. Enjoy! 

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Friday, 29 March 2019 13:43

Our ReNewAl(l)

Dear Readers, you can sense the excitement of an upcoming anniversary. Children can’t wait to celebrate their birthdays. They anticipate all the emotions and surprises surrounding the event, but the real deal is a birthday is a wonderful occasion to share moments with a good number of friends. The 10th birthday of We Hear You will be celebrated in October, so we’ve started the preparations from the very beginning of the year. Here we are, all grown-up and ready to share more surprises with you. The first surprise will be visible at first sight – the website has a brand new layout. As you know, every transformation starts from the inside.

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Коне. С огромни очи, които казват не много, а всичко. Извикват усещане за свобода, за полет, за вятър в косите, адреналин и красота. Сила, грация и благородство. Диво непокорство, което пленява. Но и кротост, побрала смисъла на всяко смирение. Конете могат да бъдат и партньори за терапия. Да премахнат всеки страх, да възпитат отговорности. Без значение дали ездачът е възрастен или дете с особености в развитието. Преди година в Бургас, на семинар за алтернативните методи на комуникация при сляпо-глухи лица, имах удоволствието да се запозная с Мария Михайлова - ресурсен психолог, работещ с деца и младежи със специални потребности и сензорни дефицити. Днес, в Международния ден на хората със специфични състояния*, разговаряме за конете, хипотерапията и ползите от нея.

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Monday, 28 May 2018 15:00

Sensitivity is speaking out

The moment you touch something … it starts speaking to you in shapes, textures, temperature. It’s telling you about a world well beyond the one words can describe. Your fingers can respond to the touch with gentle movements, caressing or powerful pressure. They can draw things while making explanations. They could be the pencil writing stories as well as the rubber erasing them to tell more tales. The stories you write touching human skin are indeed the Story of Life of deafblind people. Their sensitivity is the page you’ve been writing your stories on which can handle any story told. It could well be the pencil writing out the description of the World beyond the line of Vision. Sensitivity is speaking out at the workshop on the Alternative Ways of Communication with Deafblind People held by the NADbBg from 12th May to 13th May 2018.

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