Our success and accomplishments

Our greatest success is your credit. Ever since the Site was created 10 years ago, the readers, various organizations and institutions have rated it as extremely credible for it provides useful information on a wide range of topics.
We’re glad to read your e-mails and words of gratitude for our presence attempts to reach out to you. You state we know your worries and troubles. You’re thankful you would find answers for yourself and the experience you need shared by somebody else by simply reading through our publications.
We’re glad to be invited to events supporting deaf people’s causes as partnering media. We could also assist the organization of such events.
Whenever our publications are being copied without credits, we smile at the situation. It’s a proof we’re doing great.
The paths to success are unforeseen. Trails are usually created by people who don’t strive to accomplish big things at all cost because they’re aware success is not big. We consider it a success when we’re able to convince somebody things are not as hard as they imagine them to be. Whenever we could put a smile on someone’s face and inspire them to be creative again and show themselves up, we’ve had a significant accomplishment. We’re being successful when we’re able to show the positive sides of Silence regardless of people’s fears for the path to Silence is indeed a path towards the exploration of one’s inner world.
The most genuine things are best felt when there’s no disturbing sound around.
Thank you for giving We Hear You your credit!