Journalist and media expert

She’s founder of the website. She’d also been a dental technician and a dental assistant. Editor in chief of the CCS Magazine (2010), contributing writer for Culture newspaper (2010), editor and proofreader of Silence newspaper (2012), media expert in the Media and Public Relations Department of the Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria (2015 – 2017). Editor of Sofia City Info Guides Magazine (2018), and reviewer of the Bulgarian Sign Language Dictionary (published by Ministry of Education and Science, 2018). Currently a storyteller in the Medium website, an author for Beyond the covers Magazine and a blogger in Epistolary trials. In the present time Christina Tchoparova is a freelance journalist and an expert counselor in media policy and communication. 

Artist and graphic designer

He’s the author of our logo and the icons of the Site. He published his own illustrated book called the Zmey and the moliphans (Bulgarian: Zmeyat i molifanite) in 2005. There’s also a sequel called The moliphans and the cream cake (Bulgarian: Molifanite i smetanovata torta), which is suitable for children and adults alike. Zdravko’s creativity is evident and his imagination is ever powerful. He’s very active and always working designing books, posters and logos. He’s adept at drawing and teaches fine arts at an art bookstore in Sofia. He could well retouch your photos, but he can’t stand being photographed. Obvious, isn’t it? smile


English teacher

With her kindness and charisma, Annie wins the sympathies of the senior students in the highschool where she teaches in Stara Zagora. She has an artistic nature and an ever-growing affinity for the world’s inner and outer beauty. She likes inspiring people to explore different things and provoking their thinking. She’s a translator and a contributor with English to the Site. She wrote the Bulgarian subtitles in our video interview with Helga Stevens in the European Parliament entitled: “Multilingualism and equal rights in the European Union: the role of Sign Languages.”


Psychologist and family counselor

She work is individually, with families, with children and with couples. Silvia leads practical group activities for effective parenting. She believes that with the necessary support people can understand themselves, to develop and change, to seek and explore curiously their inner and outer world. Silvia will help you to find an answer to every yours question.


Special Education Psychologist and translator with English

She has strong affinity for horses that runs in the family. She’s also a volunteer for the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth in Burgas. As a psychologist, she aids special needs children and youth in developing their skills through various arts and crafts, scientific and therapeutic activities. Mia is always there when you need her at the right time and place. She has an exceptional Spirit. She translates our articles into English and is a contributing author of pieces on psychological topics.


Artistic contributor to We Hear You

Pharmacist by occupation and Artist by heart. Nadia crafts exquisite items on any occasions, any time of the year just for the sake of beauty and coziness. She has a firm optimistic attitude and just like her name, happens to be the keeper of hopes. She’s been a folklore dancer for 10 years at dance club “Orenda” in Yambol. She is the artistic contributor to our events.


Web Administrator of the Site

He’s the kind of person who earns your trust in an instant. He’s totally adept in his sphere, always diligent and upright as well as punctual. He’s been into Web application building since 1998. He specializes in Online presentation of small and medium-sized businesses. His civic activities include guiding and educating owners of non-profit websites. He’s been a part of the administrative team of Joomla!Bulgaria since 2007. Mihail is the current administrator of We Hear You.


Sign Language Interpreter

Kameliya has many years of experience with sign language. She does both interpreting and security guarding. Kameliya has very expressive gestures, because she is a NATFA graduate with Pantomime art. She has performed as a sign language interpreter at several events of “We Hear You”, one of which is the first National Exhibition of Deaf Artists on the occasion of the site's 10th Anniversary.