The specialized website “We Hear You” was established in 2009 and is currently a renowned Bulgarian media aimed to inform people with hearing impairments, their relatives and the general public. There are more than 20 sections in the site covering a wide range of topics related to auditory health and communication. Being a media, the site is profoundly involved in a number of social debates such as the Bulgarian Sign Language Law and it also places some delicate questions and publishes its own statements, open letters and media analyses related to them only to be cited by other media.

The site has a dynamic modern layout and a mobile version that are easy to navigate even for users who are not fluent in information technologies and applications. The cool icons depicting the sections in categories will lead the reader to the area of their choice where they could read more than 560 articles on various areas of life suitable for users of all ages.

“We Hear You” has its own information channels (YouТube channel, Facebook group and Facebook page are available and the number of users and community members is constantly increasing). This is how we keep in touch with our audience regularly and are available for active communication. The publications shared on Facebook as links reach between 300 and 500 people daily. It`s worth mentioning that the people who react or comment on the posted links are so much fewer than the people who actually read them. Such statistics show a good deal of interest in the specialized media that aims to offer its readers interesting materials with informational, educational and recreational purposes.

Over the years, “We Hear You” spread its activities beyond the informational publications organizing on its own or along with its partners and fellow organizations a number of events such as public readings for the deaf audience, anniversary celebrations, exhibitions for artists with hearing impairments, open lesson on Bulgarian folklore dances for the deaf audience with professional sign language interpretation provided at each event.

The site is open to forming new partnerships and being a co-host of various events making a wide range of creative ideas a reality and offering professional sign language interpretation so as to attract the attention of people with hearing impairments and include them in real life happenings. The site is a guarantee for additional popularity among the people with hearing impairments because its media partners get added into the site`s partners list. It also spreads the partners` projects or events via exclusive professionally written announcements and PR articles.

For the 12 years of its existence, the site has a great deal of credit among its readers and the institutions in Bulgaria and abroad. A good number of letters from parents of children with hearing impairments and private readers is received and they all convey their sense of gratitude for the useful information offered on the site and the joy of the existence of such a media.

So far, “We Hear You” is a site unique for the Bulgarian wide web.