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Technologies that change the World

Dear readers, we welcome you into 2017! The year has started with many new things, but now I want to share with you one special news. The young creators of the AVA application, who I already informed you about, are included in the list of prestigious Forbes magazine for young entrepreneurs. They are included in the Forbes’ selection “30 under 30” for 2017 as a proactive young team, because their application AVA will change the history of the deaf and hard-of-hearing people. This mobile application offers easy communication in real time with conversion of speech into text in dynamic circumstances featuring more than two speakers. AVA already has fans throughout half of the world!

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Скъпи читатели, неотдавна ви запознахме с революционното приложение AVA, което трима младежи под 30 г. са създали в полза на глухи и тежкочуващи хора. Имахме удоволствието да се свържем с екипа, разработващ приложението, във връзка с възможността да бъде достъпно и за български потребители с включен български език в менюто. Тъй като приложението има задача да увеличава мултилингвалните си опции, нашето предложение бе посрещнато с ентусиазъм от екипа на AVA. В следващите редове прочетете как се разви диалогът ни и какво е нужно да се направи, за да бъде мобилното приложение достъпно и за българите със слухови дефицити.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016 03:38

Let’s communicate without barriers!

Dear readers, for many of the deaf peoples and those who prefer lip reading (hard-of-hearing people), it is a problem to participate in real time face to face conversations. When they talk to individuals or participate in a group conversation with many people involved, it is impossible to follow every person’s speech at the same time. How could people with hearing impairments possibly attend to every single word in a conversation? How can they be active participants, not just mute observers? How could those people spare themselves the discomfort or not miss out on the conversation? Those questions have held the attention of a team of perspective young people from different nations and cultures for a long time. These three young men created the project AVA – mobile application for communication without barriers.


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