Dear readers of "We hear you", today we are introducing you to our guest who is a teacher, expert of traditional Bulgarian dance folklore. He teaches dance classes both in Bulgaria and abroad. He’s a former solo dancer at the Folklore Ensemble "Trakia" (1995), as well as the author of a number of dance stage performances carried out by various professional and amateur folk ensembles. He’s a graduate of the National School of Dance Arts Sofia and the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts Plovdiv. He’s been the head of Choreography Department at the former university since 2011. He’s been teaching choreographic composition in Belgrade (Serbia). He is the author of a number of scientific works on Bulgarian stage and traditional dance folklore. He judges a number of Bulgarian as well as international dance contests and festivals. We are discussing about the magic of dance, the correlation between rhythm and the sense of rhythm in deaf people. Dear readers, meet Prof. Dr. Anton Andonov!

Today’s guest of We Hear You is an interpreter translating from and into sign language. She plays a multitude of roles in her life. Mother of two boys, she’s also a specialized security officer and a sign language interpreter. She’s a qualified stenographer typist and document administrator, but she also has a degree in Pantomime as she’d graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) program in Physical theatre. She holds a brown belt in Shotokan Karate Do. She’s an experienced sign language interpreter who’ll tell us about sign language, the job of a sign language interpreter and the challenges in this area. Let me introduce you to Kameliya Angelova!


Конете могат да бъдат партньори за терапия. Да премахнат всеки страх, да възпитат отговорности. Без значение дали ездачът е възрастен или дете с особености в развитието. Преди година в Бургас, на семинар за алтернативните методи на комуникация при сляпо-глухи лица, имах удоволствието да се запозная с Мария Михайлова - ресурсен психолог, работещ с деца и младежи със специални потребности и сензорни дефицити. Днес, в Международния ден на хората със специфични състояния*, разговаряме за конете, хипотерапията и ползите от нея.

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Living in the show

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You can’t help but notice the big smile she’s giving you even if it’s the first time you both have met. You can sense her positive outlook and extreme vitality which create a friendly atmosphere around. We’d like to ask her about the popular and tremendously successful show she’s been hosting in the social media for five years now (Boryana  Topchieva Show). She’s occupied with plenty of activities being a vlogger, a translater, an athlete, a show-woman, a traveler, a parent and … the author of an upcoming book! But I’m not telling you anything more about her. You’ll see for yourself now that we’re letting Boryana Topchieva speak about it all.

Dear Readers, we’ll introduce you to a very, very brave boy named Georgi Skordev. He lives in a world we know little to practically nothing about. Georgi was so eager to come into our world that he was born prematurely to his loving parents who had been excitedly expecting him. This caused him to lose his sight and hearing. He is both deaf and blind, but a very sensitive child. He’s a 10-year-old guy from a seaside city who has a lot to tell us. However, his stories have so far remained untold because his means of communication are still unknown to us and we can barely come to a reaching point. That’s why, his mother is speaking out for him.

I’ve known Maria Popova (or Maya, as the people close to her know her) for ages. But we’ve only managed to meet up in person along with Goshko at the International Conference ‘See the Silence, Hear the darkness’ held in Plovdiv last year. She was there to share her experience as a parent of a deafblind child. Unfortunately, we barely had the time to speak about all the matters that concern us. This is why I’m expressing my sincere gratitude on her willingness to speak out through We Hear You.

Скъпи читатели на „Ние ви чуваме”, днес, 23 март 2018 г., от 10.00 ч. в Конферентен център „Венус” на столичния бул. Дондуков 9 се състоя официалното представяне на проект „Национално научно изследване на българския жестов език” на Министерството на образованието и науката. Присъстваха ръководителите на проекта, участници в изследването, представители на различни неправителствени организации на хора без слух, жестови преводачи, гости.

He comes from the little village named Nefela, near to Vratsa. He grew up in a poor family, showing particular interest in magazines on cinema, fashion and high life. He used to cut pieces of articles about movie stars off the issues and paste them on cardboard. He would secretly dream of becoming an actor just like the ones he would see on the pages. His dream was especially fragile for his mother showed real doubts he would ever succeed in becoming an actor. The reason she was doubtful about it is Mitko’s hearing is impaired. Nevertheless, he did make his dream come true. Yakimov got a few roles in theatrical productions as follows: Blacksmiths (Kovachi) and Cherry sisters (Vishnevi sestri) produced by Vazkresia Viharova; Two poor Romanians speaking Polish (Dvama bedni rumantzi, govoreshti polski) produced by Desislava Shpatova. Last year, Mitko graduated from New Bulgarian University, getting bachelor’s degrees in Acting in Film & Television. With his active imagination, he would write scripts in hope that some day, he’ll see them playing on the screen. Mitko Yakimov is the founder of Foundation Deaf Unlimited Bulgaria, the organization doing the National research on Bulgarian Sign Language. He was also a part of the international judging committee of the Miss and Mister Deaf Stars 2017 beauty contest, which recently took place in Paris. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to present Mitko Yakimov!


Той изглежда точно така, както може да си представите, че би изглеждал един воевода. Народните носии му отиват. И не, не е актьор. Обикновено е зад обектива, за да документира родния фолклор. Фотограф, етно документалист за Национално училище за фоклорни изкуства, текстилен инженер. Малцина знаят, че от десетина години той е на „ти” с Тишината, но не личи да се е променил особено. От Левски, Плевенско. Асен Великов. Дори и в името му е втъкана българската история.

Поводът за редовете на Дамян Калчев по-долу са хората със слухова загуба и участията им две мероприятия, което пък доведе до изповедта, която ви представяме тук без съкращения или редакторска намеса. Той е председател на Районната организация на глухите - София от 2015 г. Бил е член на Младежката организация на глухите в СГБ (МОСГБ) като завеждащ туризма през 2011 г. Запален планинар, графичен дизайнер, създател на логото на ЦРРДУС, на МОСГБ, на логото на младежкия лагер и генерална асамблея на Европейския младежки съюз на глухите (EUDY), както и логото на рибарски клуб "Тихите куки" към РО-София. Негово дело са и логото на международните спортни игри за глухи Дефлимпикс през 2013 г. у нас и на още много други световни и европейски първенства.

След празничното тържество на 9 ноември 2013 г. по случай 5-годишнината на МОСГБ в зала „Амбасадор” на х-л „Тримонциум-Принцес”- Пловдив, чуждестранните гости от Европейския съюз на глухите студенти (EDSU) споделиха специално за “Ние ви чуваме” своите впечатления от гостуването си в България (от ляво на дясно): Пери Гомез, Тимъти Роуис, Атанас Калинов, Кристина Биъл, София Калинова, Томас МакУини.

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