Who are we?

In case you’re going through the pages of our site, you’re surely interested in the life of deaf people. We are the ones who’ll tell you about it. We talk about everyday life in the absence of perceived sound. We share our experience in the field of Silence and the specific mentality associated with it. We’ll tell you about technologies that make the world of sounds accessible of deaf people. We’ll tell you about parents and children walking the paths through Silence together to discover new ways of communicating. We’ll introduce you to Sign Language and its role in a world of Silence. You’ll learn about deaf scientists whose significant incredible discoveries were inspired by the mere idea of a better world. You’ll see artworks created by artists in Silence. We are the ones who insist on media attention on the matters of the deaf community and the accessibility of cultural events and educational environment for the deaf. For we truly hear you. And it’s in our name.