About us

We hear you is first specialized media site for people with hearing loss in Bulgaria, in which is widely advocated various topics related with the auditory disorders, prevention, education, technical and expressive resources, psychological assistance, culture and international news, related with many of the organizations of deaf people in the world. The articles cover a wide range of topics designed for people with hearing difficulties of all ages, also and for their loved ones and the general public.

We hear you was created in 2009 like a personal blog, which gradually evolved into a broad media platform to inform the public about issues affecting a large percentage of people with hearing deficits of different age groups. The ideal goal was to provide an opportunity for communicational exchange and mutual understanding between the quiet communities and the people, who can hear normally.

We hear you today is a bridge between two worlds – the quiet and the sound. For 10 years now, we have been enjoying tremendous confidence from readers, organizations and institutions through the various and useful information provided in the site.