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Our ReNewAl(l)

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Dear Readers, you can sense the excitement of an upcoming anniversary. Children can’t wait to celebrate their birthdays. They anticipate all the emotions and surprises surrounding the event, but the real deal is a birthday is a wonderful occasion to share moments with a good number of friends. The 10th birthday of We Hear You will be celebrated in October, so we’ve started the preparations from the very beginning of the year. Here we are, all grown-up and ready to share more surprises with you. The first surprise will be visible at first sight – the website has a brand new layout. As you know, every transformation starts from the inside.

Renewal. Our ReNewAl(l). A word of beauty, purity and togetherness. When all the travelers on a journey share the joy of travelling, the routes and an aim, new horizons are unfolding and various paths are being built. Three new adventurers have joined us since the start of the year. It’s a pleasure to work with them. I’d like to introduce you to the new additions to Our Team (although you could find detailed information on each one of us in the Team section or by simply clicking on our pictures on the initial page of the website).

Mihail is the first person to be presented. He is the one who’s taking care of all the details in the layout of the website up until the tiniest button and color shade. Just when the website desperately needed a new administrator, he came to join us. This is a justification of the rule Seek and you shall find. We couldn’t possibly hope for a better web administrator! :) Thanks to him, the website has a new and neater outlook with everything necessary incorporated.

Maria is the second person to be presented. She is the one to translate the website materials into English, so the website is accessible to the English-speaking visitors. We’re glad to announce our international users are growing in number. 10 years of activity and more than 300 publications will take some time to be translated, but we’ve already started the process. Not each and every material has an English version today, but you’re surely patient enough to wait for the translations to be published. Maria is also a psychologist who will soon publish her own article regarding a really exciting topic on the Site. :)

A birthday simply needs to be colorful, beautiful and intriguing. This is where we trust Nadya and her sense of esthetics to get creative. She’s the artistic contributor to our events. She’ll be involved in our upcoming activities and projects. I wish you knew how exquisite her crafts are and how active her imagination is! :)

We’re welcoming our new colleagues. We hope our navigation through Silence on We Hear You will be just as beneficial and enriching an experience as it’s ever been!

Our sincere gratitude to every one of our dear Readers. You’ve been regular visitors of the Site over the years, you’ve shared your feedback with us, you’ve told us about your experience, you’ve been staying with us over time. You’re an enlarging community of people  that’s growing on a daily basis. We’re glad you trust us. Your credit is our greatest guarantee we’re doing our job well to accomplish our mission. Thank you!

We have 20 categories inside the Site. We hope this number is enough to cover the majority of topics concerning the idea and reality of living in Silence. We’ve added two new sections entitled Tourism and Photography. We’ll soon be telling you about a larger number of deaf photographers. We will be showing you their photographs and will be publishing their travel stories and shared experience.

Zdravko has created the unconventional icons of the sectons. I took care of the renewal of the publications, the photos uploaded in the gallery and the whole lot of information on the Site. Anna has edited the English versions of the publications. Silvia is the person dealing with matters requiring psychological counselling. 

You could now use key words to look for publications in the Site. We’re still maintaining our Facebook group but we’ve also created a Facebook page of the Site. We’ll be posting about our latest publications on the Site there. We hope you’ll follow us again on the Page! You’ll see publications on an even wider range of interesting topics, more people living in Silence to tell their stories and more interviews.

Did I mention plenty of surprises? That’s what you need when celebrating a birthday! We want you to be surprised, so we’re not spilling the beans on our plans yet. ;) One thing’s for sure – the time has come for our projects and ideas to become a reality. That’s what we’ve been working on for the past 10 years.

Feel free to browse through the renewed Site and get to know the changes! :)

Article by Christina Tchoparova

Photo credits: We Hear You Gallery

EN Translation by: Maria Mihailova

Alliance NCAC “We Hear You” is the holder of publishing rights on this article and photos

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